architecture studio projects

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Gastronomic architecture: recipes for a new architectural cuisine

This thesis project applies the language and structure of the culinary arts to architectural discourse and theory in order to imagine didactic and new dining conditions.

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hyperloop station

This studio project explored the emerging new transportation technology called "The Hyperloop" through the lens of the passenger experience. The proposal was informed by an urban desire for natural enivoronments and changing landscapes.


comprehensive studio project: Dance Academy

This comprehensive studio project employed skills in structural and mechanical systems while also creating a dynamic spatial condition that prioritized dancers' and patrons' needs. The New Orleans site allowed for influence from a variety of dance traditions.   


lettering and branding


event lettering and infographics  

I worked with Nate and Alex to design a handout for their wedding that highlighted their favorite and most memorable restaurants, as well as contributing some hand lettering on the day of the event.


crawfest branding package

I worked with Nathan Leonard to design a complete branding package for Crawfest, one of the largest student-run music festivals in the country. The branding package included t-shirts, towels, lineup posters, banners, promotional material, and maps, as well as various "swag" items for the event. 


hand lettering

Lettering is a skill that I have been experimenting with for about two years now. I have always had an interest in handwriting, but I am beginning to apply the art of lettering to qualitative and quantitative data organization.


research fellowships + more


research trip on biophilic design

I received a research grant that allowed me to study the relationship between nature and architecture at the scale of the human; this trip lead me on a month long excursion through Yosemite National Park, Portland, Seattle, and Lopez Island, WA.   



I completed the build semester of the UBRANbuild program at Tulane School of Architecture. Over the course of 16 weeks, our team built a single family residence from the ground up, starting with digging the holes for piling and ending with finish work and details. 


butter than nothing

Butter than Nothing is a small cake business that I operated out of a dorm room kitchen for a year before moving into an apartment. These cakes, and baking in general, were a great way to get my creative juices flowing outside of the architecture school.