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Office supplies for the minimalist designer

Office supplies for the minimalist designer

There are only a few things that I love more than french fries and my chacos, and office supplies are at the top of that list. Regardless of season, I'm always on the lookout for a new sketchbook to add to my collection or a pencil that will inspire me to to get out of the house and sketch a mansion on St. Charles. At the moment, I'm carrying five sketchbooks with me - 2 Moleskine 5" x 7" softcover sketchbooks with gridded paper in magenta and kraft paper, 2 Public Supply 5" x 7" softcover sketchbooks with gridded paper in navy and royal blue, and an orange Rhodia 5.5" x 7" pad with blank paper. I like to keep my creative, non school related ideas in the Rhodia pad and then an individual sketchbook for each class or organization I'm involved in, within reason. Sometimes I lump more "low key" classes together in one sketchbook. 

As the fall semester approaches, here are my recommendations for office supplies so that you can start the school year feeling inspired to create and stay organized; also, all of these companies have A+ instagram accounts, in case you are wondering how to best style your morning coffee and sketchbook. 

Julia Kostreva

I happened upon Julia's studio and work two days after I had bought a new planner from Rifle Paper Co. (which I'm very happy with), but I am already looking forward to the New Year when I can pick up one of her beautiful planners. The cover designs have a strikingly beautiful balance between white space and color, and the interiors allow complete freedom with the chosen month, date and year. @juliakostreva

Appointed Company

Appointed Company has a selection of minimalist sketchbooks and planners; the sketchbooks are available in gridded, blank, or ruled paper, and the covers have a great textural quality. Right now I have my eye on these Mini Linen Jotters and the Waxed Canvas Large pouch in Grey. @appointedco

Palomino Blackwing Pencil

The first time I used a Palomino Blackwing Pencil was when my drawing professor, Errol Barron, loaned one to me during class. I begged him to let me keep it and now am sure to have one whenever I am sketching. They have an adjustable eraser, come in a variety of different hardnesses, and are a sleek addition to your pencil collection. Legend has it than many great writers and artists swear by this pencil, so count me in. PS, this pen is available at most art stores for around $2.50. @blackwing

Public Supply

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 10.21.43 AM.png

Public Supply offers a variety of different size sketchbooks in ruled or dotted paper. They have a rotating handful of sketchbooks that have been designed by various artists if you are trying to break free from your love of grayscale (which I highly recommend doing once or twice a year, just to get a feel for life on the other side). Your purchase helps to fund art programs in public schools in NYC and as an added bonus, the sketchbooks arrive in a beautiful muslin bag that you can use for pencils or to keep your new sketchbook scuff free. *Warning* the covers of these sketchbooks do wear down quickly because they are made from a thick paper. @publicsupply

Filling Spaces 

This company focuses mostly on home decor, but I'm obsessed with some of the pouches I found on their website, especially this Indigo Arrow Pouch under the "Bags and Pouches" tab. Maybe they are selling it as a clutch but I see it as a perfect pencil back for my new Tombow Dual Brush Pens, which need their own home! @fillingspacesdesigns

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