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An organized desk, an organized mind

An organized desk, an organized mind

As I mentioned in the first post, the main reason I am putting pen to paper through this blog is to learn a little more about myself and why I love the things I love. I could lose HOURS on Pinterest (in fact, Pinterest and lettering are how I unwind after a long, stressful day) and I have mastered the "Collections" feature on Instagram. After a while though, these ideas and inspirations start to lose their influence, and images that once stood out to me get lost in the chaos of aesthetic engagement. Despite my best intentions of visual organization and strategy, when it comes time to plan an event, organize a space, or cook a meal, I often feel at a loss for words and creativity. 

So, in the essence of the ~current mission~ of The Tangled Tomato, I'm excited to start better understanding and sharing the stories of all of this visual data that I've been hoarding, and I'll start small, with the first thing I thought about when I moved into my first apartment: my desk. 

I recently shared a conversation with a friend who was struggling to find the spark in her day - the days at work weren't always stimulating, and everything was starting to feel too easy. More than anything, she felt that she was slipping into a phase of repetition and losing sight of how the present moment would help her achieve her long term goals and aspirations. This person is someone I greatly admire, and I know is capable of amazing things - aren't we all? But I could totally relate to where she was coming from - I myself was struggling to find strategies for maintaining my footing during a time of intense, emotional transition. 

After learning more of her story, I suggested a simple solution that I myself had tested: make space in your room for a desk. It doesn't have to be big, special, expensive, or fancy, but having a designated space for reflection, productivity, and exploration can work wonders on the soul. It's hard to feel like you are making progress on your goals, let alone identify what those goals are, from the comfort of your bed when Netflix is one click away! I've made it a habit to start every morning and end every evening at my desk, which is covered with pens and paper, books and ideas, candles and coffee mugs and loose bobby pins. It's where I developed strategies for the blog, brainstormed ideas for my Etsy shop, reflected on my day and the days ahead, set intentions to connect with old friends that I have followed up on, and spent time reading up on design, technology, and the latest updates from some of my favorite bloggers. A desk is not just for school anymore - even if you have a full time job in an office, a desk can be your little home to return to each evening and to make space for the ideas and thoughts that can sometimes run wild inside our minds. An organized desk, and organized mind - fill your desk with books you adore, a cut of fresh flowers, a set of high quality pens and a journal, and get going on making progress on those dreams! 

Below, I am sharing a couple of images of desks that inspire me to live a more organized life, and they also just tug at my heartstrings a little. Hopefully you will see a couple of elements that you can incorporate into your own little office space. 

Rue Magazine.jpg

Source: Rue Magazine

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Source: Apartment Therapy

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Source: My Scandinavian Home

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