Hyperloop Station

Studio: Fall 2016

Instructors: Brian Rome and Melissa Rome

This studio course examined the passenger experience for the Hyperloop, a new form of transportation that is currently under development by Hyperloop One. The system uses pneumatic tube technology to carry passengers and cargo at speeds up to 760 MPH. A test route is currently being designed to connect Ahu Dhabi to Dubai; our proposal explored a 25 minute connection from New Orleans to Houston. The design includes proposal for the station environment as well as the passenger experience within the pod. My proposal builds on the concept of health and wellness, and uses the pod and the station as an opportunity for exercise and exploration. 

To learn more about the Hyperloop and current developments, click here


station experience

The station is designed like a thin mountain range, with peaks and valleys that passengers can walk and climb. The structure spans 2000', and the highest points is 85' (adhering to building code); the building is divided into three parts - the hyperloop station with pods, a gym for community members, and a cafe/juice bar that is adjacent to the historic French Quarter. This renderings shows the highest point of the building, and at the base of the peak passengers can find the main entrance to the Hyperloop.  


Each pod can accommodate 5 passengers, and there are five different pod types each catered to a different physical exercise: treadmill running, yoga, dancing, weight lighting, and spinning. Passengers enter the pod, complete a 25 minute workout en route to their destination, and then take a shower at the station upon arrival. 


At one point in the "mountain range" like structure, the building lifts up to create a central space that connect the Hyperloop station with the gym. This space would hold gathering areas and locker rooms for passengers and gym-members alike to use following their workout. 

Elevation Vignettes 

Site Plan Vignettes

Site Plan

Enlarged floor plan of station entry 

Enlarged floor plan of station and gymnasium connection

Section through station (top left)

Section through gymnasium and natatorium (top right)

Section through station, gymnasium, and cafe (bottom)