new orleans city guide

This New Orleans city guide is a combination of my love for lettering with my fascination in data visualization and organization. It began with a simple task - a friend of mine was visiting town over the summer, and because I couldn't be there as her tour guide, I knew I needed to leave her with all of the best restaurants to dine at and places to see in the city. In the process of creating a list for her, I began to organize my recommendations based on time of day and neighborhood, while noting if the restaurants were cash only, served alcohol, or streetcar accessible. The original guide was handwritten, and sent to her via snail mail, but after a few friends requested a copy of their own, I converted it into a digital file that could be easily printed for reference, or as a piece to hang in your home. The print will be available soon in my Etsy shop! 

other lettering examples

I've always had an affinity for handwriting - in the fifth grade, I would trade certain letters with classmates to achieve the perfect set of stylized characters. Now, brush calligraphy and hand lettering are my side hobbies, my creative vacations when I need to step away from the drawing board but keep my hands busy. I love to try out new styles and apply my skills to gifts for friends, and I am also beginning to accept small commissions. If you are interested in lettering services for an upcoming event, please reach out to me! I would love to collaborate to create something unique for your special occasion.