10 Gorge Living Rooms for Luxurious Lounging

Hey! It me, I am here and I am well. This blog is like the old friend that you can go a year without speaking to, and when you finally do catch up, it feels like no time has passed at all. Since we last saw one another, I have settled into my new home in DC, survived a (small) fire, found a church home and community, gone on 18 first dates, and made a weekly habit of fried chicken as any adult should. With the structure of academia stripped away, I’ve learned a lot about managing expectations of myself and finding new fulfillment in things that will ~actually~ bring me joy, like sharing stories with new friends over meals and going on long, wandering walks past historic rowhomes in DC no matter the season.

Despite these changes, I’m still the same me, always longing for that Saturday morning where I can pick up a almond milk vanilla latte from the local coffeeshop (s/o to you, Compass Coffee and The Wydown), light a candle back at my desk, and dedicate time to creating and thinking, to letting that creative energy loose and free. I’ll collect images of spaces I want to get lost in, illustrators that tell evocative stories, and brands that entice me with their storytelling strategies. This is a forum for me to share these findings and little loves with you.

So for this week, let’s talk about EPIC living rooms, places I want to do all of my lounging in when it comes to those lazy / productive weekends and evenings I adore. When it comes to Living Room vibes, I love all of the scales - worn in leather couches nestled among plants and memories hung on gallery walls, little coffee shops that achieve that perfect balance of table to lounge seating, and my current favorite: elegant and large, window lined spaces that are filled with a variety of seating for a variety of people and purposes. A hotel in Brooklyn, featured in Image 5 below, is definitely a place I could lose a day in. Whether you are looking to spark some cozy vibes in your current space or to seek out those jaw-dropping spaces that make you wonder “did someone really pay for all of this?”- I hope that this little catalog will get you excited for fall and thinking outside of the box when it comes to your next lounging destination.

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