biophilic design: research trip

Last fall, I received a grant from Tulane School of Architecture that allowed me to travel to Yosemite National Park, Portland, and Seattle to study "Biophilic Design," a form of design that goes beyond traditional sustainability and is informed by nature's principles of light, gravity, color, and sound. Biophilic design explores the relationship between the human and the building in addition to the relationship between the building and the environment.

I spent one month traveling in the Pacific North West, including a week in Yosemite and two weeks on a farm on Lopez Island, Washington. The experience exposed me to important design sustainability lessons that are typically not discussed in the classroom, while also opening up my mind to new discussions on food and consumption patterns. Though this trip started out merely as an exploration in more sustainable design, I walked away with a base for developing my thesis project on Gastronomic Architecture and continue to reflect on stories and experiences gained during the trip.