When in Rome

Another far from comprehensive list of suggestions for studying abroad, particularly for those students studying abroad in Rome this fall, compiled by a few alums over many cups of coffee one evening while in Rome. 

Redesigning a design education

Public interest design demands a more socially and ethically responsible architecture; it's the next wave of sustainability, using a wide angle lens to see how environmental problems, public policy, and social constructs have shaped the way we occupy space. 

How to pass Gelato 1010

1. DON'T hold back on having two gelato sessions a day. In Italy it is totally socially acceptable to eat gelato every single day and to show up to any occasion, including desk crits, with gelato in hand. 

The summer architecture internship

Last January, I embarked upon the most treacherous journey since college application season: applying for a summer internship. The journey lasted four exhausting months, and included my parents hounding me for updates every other day and a color coded excel spreadsheet that only fueled my frustration and disappointment every time I looked at it.